[yak@onl applications]$ archival and privacy-aware website network

Based on the following principles, seldom strictly employed online today:

YAK.ONL supports and loves open-web policies and open-source technologies. We love the power of the mature and fluid core web technologies, and maintain secure, up-to-date linux servers. We support technological choices correlative to the US Constitution and Bill of Rights (and our belief that online data and privacy is 100% commensurate with the first 4 and 9th Amendments), free will and voluntarism. YAK.ONL asks for your support as well, on a volunteer, pure grassroots basis in any manner you see fit or comfortable.

YAK.ONL offers simple document-based webpages, micro-sites or tools for most of public projects. We host and have the same developer going back years who maintains our secure virtual private server. We simply do not collect or store any user data. Simple. In the past 15 years, we have offered our flagship public startpage (homebase now at go.yak.onl), no one else has been able to claim the level of full privacy for a startpage that we have offered. No strings or hidden elements. Simple, literally and figuratively clean, minimal.

Being primarily a simple web document network: any cookies, javascript or sessions on the YAK Network conform to our firm ethical standards and are used to serve themes or visual styles across pages, for a particular webpage, or commonplace and apparent site functionalities related to displaying our webpages or content. Some microsites may offer non-intrusive advertising or promos - nothing that will compromise your privacy, safety or performance of your browser.

YAK.ONL is entirely independent and offers micro-sites or apps with generally pure core web technologies minus databases with storage of any user data. We like raw, hand-coded HTML, CSS, PHP with some basic javascript that is non-intrusive nor annoying.

Our free, secure, unbiased and truly* private homepages / startpage service

yak.onl network is based on over a decade-and-a-half of privacy-aware and independent web service. (Former brands and maintainer moved to yak.onl include Kiwibeak homepages since 2005 - now go.yak.onl).